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Rajasthan : The Royal State

Rajasthan at a Glance

Rajasthan is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the country. The pink city of Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and the palaces in the state attract millions of tourists each year. The state is predominantly a desert, yet has made tremendous progress in recent times in the fields of agriculture and infrastructure. The state has a rich heritage and culture with some of the famous Indian kings originating from this part of India and is famous for delicacies world over. The population of Rajasthan has its own way of life and the folk song and dance is world famous.

The Population of Rajasthan according to the 2011 census stands at about 68 million, making it the 8th most populated state in India. The state makes up about 5.6% of the country's population a figure which was about 5.4% during the last census in 2001. The state is spread over an area of about 340000 sq. km. making it the largest state in the country in terms of area. The density of population per sq. Km. is about 200 and a lot below the national average. The state has a growth rate of about 21% percent which is the 11th highest growth rate in the country.

Rajasthan is a favorite tourist destination in terms of rich heritage, strong culture and tradition, with Jaipur zone being located in the heart of Rajasthan and close proximity to India’s capital – Delhi has shown an increase in the tourist level with the time. This has also shown an increase in the tourism industry, thus generating more and more employment opportunities attracting populous to move to this centre. Apart from these government initiatives giving incentives to all the sectors, has also triggered in-migration from not only the surrounding rural areas but also from various districts in the state.


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